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Ruukki Liberta® rainscreen panels

Ruukki® Liberta rainscreen panels are folded on all sides to offer maximum rigidity for solid metal cassettes with concealed, recessed or visible fixing solutions. The panel system provides easy and quick installation for a fully finished facade, complete with accessories designed and manufactured to maintain accurate and project-specific dimensions. The panels come in an extensive selection of materials, finishes and colours.


Ruukki Liberta® rainscreen panel offering

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    Facade cladding offering


    Ruukki® Primo

    Ruukki is reshaping the future of premium cladding with the launch of Ruukki® Primo. With help of several industry-pushing features, design a building’s envelope is no longer defined by limitations but rather by opportunities.

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    Ruukki Liberta® rainscreen panels

    Ruukki Liberta® panels are folded on all sides to offer maximum rigidity for solid metal cassettes with concealed, recessed or visible fixing solutions.

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    Cladding lamella

    Ruukki Cladding lamellas are narrower profiles that are folded along two long edges and divide facade surfaces one-directionally, be it vertically, horizontally or at an angle.

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    Design profiles

    Ruukki design profiles create a continuous, structured facade surface. With options for both profile and material, the scale and attenuation of the surface structure can be matched to meet different architectural needs.

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    Low profile sheets

    Low Profiles and complementary flashings, as a life-like part of Ruukki Design Palette, offer minimalist diversity and rhythm to facades

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    Perforation & backlighting

    Ruukki Emotion® is a complete facade system that consists of perforated cladding products and a support structures, with an integrated back lighting system.

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    Bespoke architectural facades

    On large projects, which are outside the possibilities of our standard products, the cladding solution can be designed in co-operation to meet the needs of that specific project. The final solution will be just as reliable as tried and tested product solutions.

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    Façade cladding materials

    Metal-based facade materials offer an extremely powerful and wide aesthetical range for use as architectural elements. Their technical properties are equally versatile, which is why our local experts are ready help architects and developers in identifying good solutions to meet individual projects’ aesthetic, technical and economic conditions.

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