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Ruukki Expression® - taped pictures for walls

Ruukki  Expression® is a complete facade system based on pictures and patterns taped on the outer skin of the 
Ruukki® Energy Panel System. Tapes can be through-colored for various patterns and logos, or they can be printed using practically any picture. This creates an unlimited range of design options – limited only by your imagination! Just send us your proposal in the form of a photo or drawing, and we will come back with our proposal.

Ruukki Expression®  tapes are of very high quality, with excellent UV resistance. The taping work is done in our factory in dry conditions, to ensure high accuracy and excellent bonding. Panels are packed and delivered in the correct installation sequence with clear panel layout drawings.

High air-tightness of the base structure, the Ruukki® Energy Panel System, generates up to 20% savings in a building’s energy costs and improves its energy class.

The Ruukki Expression® system includes everything from design to complete delivery. 

Ruukki® Expression references

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    Bilia Biltvätt

    Taped pictures on walls

    Ruukki Expression® is a complete facade system based on pictures and patterns taped on the outer skin of the Ruukki® Energy Panel System. 

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