Facade claddings

A facade that completes your vision

Ruukki’s facade claddings offer you endless variations to use in designing your architectural objectives to your project requirements. You can use our products to find your own combination of surface structures, patterns, colours and materials. By using our carefully developed details you will gain our full technical and manufacturing knowhow to support you.

Facade claddings offering


Ruukki® Primo panels

Ruukki® Primo panels are aimed for premium façade segment, e.g. hotels and offices in urban environment. Panels are folded on all sides and are available with both concealed and visible fixing solutions. Primo panels are available in big product sizes and have excellent surface flatness.

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Ruukki Liberta® panels

Ruukki Liberta® panels are folded on all sides to offer maximum rigidity for solid metal cassettes with both concealed and visible fixing solutions. The panels come in an extensive selection of materials, finishes and colours.

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Lamellas are narrower profiles that are folded along two long edges and divide facade surfaces one-directionally. Variety of shapes in the long edge detail together with visible and concealed fixings allow you to accentuate the surface division to just the right amount.

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Design profiles

Design profiles create a continuous, structured facade surface. With options for both profile and material, the scale and attenuation of the surface structure can be matched to meet the architectural needs of the facade in question.

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Other profiles

Available in a range of shapes, coatings and colours, low-profiled sheets offer many design opportunities for a variety of commercial and industrial buildings’ facade and internal lining. Easy and fast to assemble, low-profiled sheets are a perfect choice when speed of construction and functionality is key.

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Bespoke systems

On large projects, which are outside the possibilities of our standard products, the cladding solution can be designed in co-operation to meet the needs of that specific project. Our technical experts will work together with the project architect to ensure architectonic, technical and economic feasibility.

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Perforations & backlighting systems

Many of the facade claddings Ruukki has to offer can be perforated in several ways. They can also be perforated freely to form a picture or a pattern. Ruukki can pixelate any picture to a hole map on actual products. The perforated facades can also be backlit by modern LED ligh systems.

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Complete wall systems

Ruukki Forma® is a complete exterior wall system, combining our facade cladding products with our highly energy efficient sandwich panels. The sandwich panels are also available in the highly sustainable Ruukki Life panel version, with approximately 80% recycled material content.

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Cladding materials

Material and colour are one possible starting point for facade design, but the result depends equally on the products and surfaces used. Our products and services offer quality, predictability and reliability to endless combinations of colours, material, surface shape and even light.

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