Roof structures


In our offering for roof structures we have both PIR and mineral wool core sandwich panels, load-bearing sheets and light weight purlins. Depending on the size and requirements of the project, we have solutions that is meeting your technical and economical requirements. 

Roof structure product offering

Sandwich panels for roofs

For roofs, Ruukki has both PIR and mineral wool core sandwich panels in its offering. There is a wide range of panel thicknesses available to meet different thermal requirements. Unique panel design provides high fire resistance as well as excellent reaction to fire.

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Load-bearing sheets

Load-bearing sheets are a cost-effective roof solution for achieving long spans, which eliminates secondary steelwork. They may also be designed as a stressed skin to distribute horizontal loads to the frame/foundations.

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Light weight purlins for roofs

Lightweight purlin systems make building construction fast and easy, allowing you to build the envelope and roof structures with little effort. 

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Ruukki roof sensor (1)

Ruukki roof sensor monitoring

Ruukki® Roof Sensor monitors snow load conditions on the roof in real time, prevents dangerous situations, and reduces expenses. The solution protects users of the facilities and brings peace of mind to the building owner, designer and those in charge of safety. 

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