Liberta Cor-Ten 700

Create a harmonious, rusty layout with Liberta™ Cor-Ten 700 for ventilated Cor-Ten facade systems.


Ruukki® Emotion
Available also with perforation and backlighting.

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Model name
Liberta Cor-Ten 700
30 mm
Horizontal joint
10 mm
Vertical joint
20, 25, 30 mm
Fastening Style
Standard fix

Perforation layout


cd+15, d+25, d+30
d12, 16, 20, 30 

Symmetrical perforation: Fully perforated in symmetrical square layout. Only 1 hole size (d) and distance (a, b, c) per product.

Art perforation: Fully or partly perforated in freely chosen locations. All hole sizes (d) and distances (c) available per product.

Material steel Cor-Ten 1.50 mm, panel sizes

Liberta 700_size table


Material Material thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m2) Surface treatment Reaction to fire 
Steel Cor-Ten A * 1.5 14.5 - A1 
Due to its unique chemical composition, Cor-Ten weather-resistant structural steel sheet has a significantly better ability to resist atmospheric corrosion than similar general structural steels. Weather-resistant steel is used in architectural applications without requiring any separate surface treatment. Use of weather-resistant steel thus eliminates the need for surface treatments during the manufacturing and operational periods, in turn lowering the environmental load and costs throughout the product’s life cycle.
The weather resistance of the product is due to its oxide layer i.e. the patina which forms on the steel surface which is resistant to the action of alloys and has low oxygen permeability. The oxide layer is created when weather-resistant steel is wetted and dried repeatedly. The protective surface layer forms in normal weather conditions within 18…36 months. The patina layer is initially reddish brown in colour, becoming darker in tone over the course of time. In industrial environments the patina forms more rapidly on the steel and darkens more than in cleaner rural environments. The protective patina layer cannot form, however, if the surface of the steel is continuously damp or dirty.
Cor-Ten A grade steel is used for the manufacture of panels (S355J0WP-COR-TEN A). 

BIM objects

To make both architectural and structural design work easier, with accurate product information in 3D form, we offer a selection of CAD / BIM -objects for Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD.

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