Terrafame production plant in Finland

We are proud to be part of this construction project. Our delivery consisted of sandwich panels for external and internal walls in total about 25 000 m2, and load-bearing sheets about 13 000m2 in total.


  • Owner/investor: Terrafame Oy, Sotkamo
  • Contractor: Nordec (former Ruukki Building Systems)
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Terrafame is currently constructing one of the world’s largest battery chemicals production lines, which will move the company ahead in the metal refinery chain from a manufacturer of intermediate metal products to a producer of battery-grade chemicals used in electric vehicle batteries.

Terrafame is a Finnish multi-metal company founded in 2015. Its mine and production plants are located in Sotkamo. The company's bioleaching-based production process is unique and it has a much lower carbon footprint than conventional nickel production technologies.