Ratikka power supply stations

Tampereen Ratikka is to be built and implemented using an alliance model. An alliance is a collaborative model in which the client engages stakeholders, builders and designers at the earliest possible stage of the project. Tampereen Ratikka is Finland’s most modern public transport system.


  • Installation: Pirkanmaa
  • Architectural design: Aihio Arkkitehdit


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Ruukki’s Cor-Ten® material, which blends into the environment and is honest and timeless, was an excellent choice for the power supply stations’ facades. The power supply stations are designed to look alike and to create an image of unity, making them easy to recognise as part of the tramline.

“Ruukki was chosen as the material supplier because it is expert, neutral and easily approachable. You can always call them and ask for advice, and you’ll often get tips you may not have thought of as well,” says Juha Ryösä of Aihio Architects in Tampere.