Logistics buildings in Finland

The combined surface area of the buildings is more than 22,500 square metres. The weathered and dirty facades were replaced with our Ruukki® Venice S10 facade profiles. This is our largest facade delivery ever for a renovation project in Finland.

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  • Contractor : Finestcon Oy
  • Architect office: Arkkitehtiruutu Oy - Marjut Aramo
  • Year: 2019


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The project aimed at renovating the precast concrete element facades to make them elegant and suited for the area’s land use plan in a cost-efficient manner. There is a different accentuating color for each of the buildings. The steel and aluminium facades are maroon and turquoise in color. 

“Ruukki® Design Venice 10 facade profiles can be used to create an elegant facade quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. It creates the impression of a smooth surface without any reflections. The profiles protect the old facade from the elements, it is easy to attach them onto the structures and their technical humidity prevention features are functional: there is a ventilated space behind the profiles. There were also plenty of colors to choose from,” architect Marjut Aramo lists reasons for selecting the our products.