Kułton Transport, cold-storage

Ruukki’s sandwich panels for cold storage were used in a new refrigerating plant and high-bay freezer of Kułton Transport company from Poland.


  • General contractor: Przedsiębiorstwo Dombud Sp. z o.o. Odolanów
  • Design office: Walczak Group Mariusz Walczak 
  • Year: 2018-2019


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Kułton Transport is a family-owned business providing transportation and logistics services. The company specializes in the carriage of refrigerated cargo, food and perishable products. Its logistics center must be adjusted to repacking and temporary storage of such products therefore new facilities required the use of construction products that are designed especially for cold storage industry. 

New buildings of Kułton Transport were commissioned in 2019. Ruukki delivered for them wall sandwich panels  with PIR and mineral wool core. For the refrigerating plant we delivered approximately 5500 m2 of SP2E E-PIR panels. An office and shipping part was built with the use of SP2D E-PIR and SP2D WE sandwich panels.