Jallukka apartment building

“The facade also includes handmade Danish bricks and concrete. Cor-Ten® is made from steel, and is thus excellently suited for a building meant for musicians and roadies. It is heavier and more rugged, after all. The whole is what matters, not any single material,” explains Pia Ilonen from architect firm Talli, who designed the building.


  • Onwer / investor: Y-Säätiö
  • Architect office: Talli

  • Year: 2017


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Jallukka is a rental building for music professionals completed in 2017 at Jätkäsaari in Helsinki, Finland. 
Jallukka’s facades on the west side and Malagankatu street side were clad with Cor-Ten® from Ruukki. Over time, dark brown patina forms on the uncoated steel surface of the weather-resistant Cor-Ten® cladding. The patina protects the panels.

Cor-Ten® is not a very common facade cladding material in residential buildings in Finland. You can see it on the facade of the Sitra tower block in Helsinki and at the Paulig factory in Vuosaari, however. People in northern Finland recognise it from the facade of the Oulu City Environment Building. In many cases, architects receive assistance from product manufacturers when designing facades – that was the case in Jallukka, too.