Broman Group central depot


  • Installation: Oulun Pelti ja Eristys Oy
  • Architect: Schaumann Arkkitehdit Oy
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Finnish Family Business of the Year 2015, Broman Group Oy expanded the floor area of its central depot in Hyvinkää to 10,050 m2. Ruukki delivered the energy panel system for the project. The exterior wall system is comprehensive, decreasing heating energy costs and improving the energy classification thanks to excellent airtightness.

The property reached energy classification A regarding airtightness (q50 = 0.5 m3/h m2). This result represents top quality among industrial buildings. Ruukki energy panel was installed by product-specifically trained and certified company, Oulun Pelti ja Eristys Oy. Architectural design was provided by Schaumann Arkkitehdit Oy.