A1 - Commercial building

“We chose better products than standard ones for the building, and this also applies to the panels. I asked the construction company to compare Ruukki panels with those of an international competitor and we decided on Ruukki, not only because their products were better, but because they were also a more flexible supplier. It was definitely a successful choice and this can be seen in the low energy bills of our tenants,” says the managing director of Epro Group, Vaidotas Ščiaponis.


  • Investor: Epro Group
  • Builder: Argensta
  • Architectural design: Simper
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The commercial building A1 has been built in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas. The building is home to 16 companies that share a need for their own logistics, showroom and office areas. The building is 402 metres long and has a floor area of around 17,500 square metres. Its tenants include two furniture manufacturers and companies that sell doors, bags, electronics, plumbing equipment, tools, pet food and other merchandise. Ruukki supplied the energy panels for the building.