Optimized wall and roof structures and services

We make high quality building products developed to live up to the highest demands on durability in harsh conditions. Therefore we can justify our place in society as a responsible partner, with sustainable operations and offering.

We are of Nordic origin, part of SSAB, sharing values, and long experience in steel and construction industry.

Our vision and strategy


Our vision and strategy

Real estate investors benefit from our optimized product offering, support and calculations on life-cycle cost when using our products. We offer expertise, inspiration, support and modern tools for architects and structural designers.  And for construction and installation companies  we are a reliable supplier creating confidence, on-site efficiency and project success.

Your sustainable partner


Buildings of today are our legacy

We support you in sustainable development through advances in our technology and processes. Greener, smarter solutions are increasing in popularity, and our commitment to ongoing new product and service development allows us to be at the forefront of sustainable building innovation. For us, environmental transparency is the norm.


Job opportunities


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We are an international company offering opportunities for peope interesting in serving customers in construction industry.

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