Tesoma sports hall

The exterior face of Tesoman palloiluhalli right next to Tampere already indicates what the arena is meant for. Passers-by are bound to notice the large athlete figures that have been created on the facade surface. The figures were taped onto the surface of the Ruukki Liberta® 500 cassettes to make the facade more lively.

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  • Contractor: Skanska Rakennus Oy
  • Architect office: Kontukoski Arkkitehdit
  • Installation company: Pirkanmaan Asennustekniikka Oy
  • Year: 2016


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Tesoman palloiluhalli is a sports arena completed in 2016 at Tesoma in Tampere, Finland.  The arena is mainly used by several sport clubs and local schoolchildren in the daytime. The arena can seat more than 800 spectators, and the building also includes eight locker rooms, a gym and a cafeteria.