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Trust isn’t just a word, it’s a result. Regardless of building’s size and purpose, we have the experience, know-how and economically and ecologically sustainable product portfolio to find the best solution for your project. Providing easy-to-install products, and end-to-end service and support, we guide you from beginning to the end with delivery accuracy, clear instructions, and fast customer service response times. 

Maximizing work safety and minimizing installation time is our priority.

Product offering


Product offering for walls and roofs

Facade claddings for building envelopes


Ruukki® Primo

Ruukki® Primo cladding system is featuring large flat surface panels enable high-end design solutions. The bigger and smoother panels help you on your way to discover new aesthetic horizons.

Ruukki Liberta® rainscreen panel

Ruukki Liberta® rainscreen panels are folded on all sides to offer maximum rigidity for solid metal cassettes with concealed, recessed or visible fixing solutions. The panels come in an extensive selection of materials, finishes and colors.


Cladding lamellas

Cladding lamellas are narrower profiles that are folded along two long edges and divide facade surfaces one-directionally, be it vertically, horizontally or at an angle.


Design profiles

Design profiles create a continuous, structured facade surface. With options for both profile and material, the scale and attenuation of the surface structure can be matched to meet the architectural needs of the facade in question.

Primo office building

Cladding materials

Metal-based facade materials offer an extremely powerful and wide aesthetical range for use as architectural elements. Their technical properties are equally versatile, which is why our local experts are ready help architects and developers in identifying good solutions to meet individual projects’ aesthetic, technical and economic conditions.


Perforation & backlighting

Ruukki® Emotion is a complete facade system that consists of perforated cladding products and support structures, with an integrated back lighting system. A wide range of perforation options, from full perforation to freely designed art perforation, provides unlimited design options.


Bespoke architectural facades

Ruukki® Primo cladding system is featuring large flat surface panels enable high-end design solutions. The bigger and smoother panels help you on your way to discover new aesthetic horizons.

Products for wall structures


Sandwich panels for external walls

Our sandwich panels for external walls ensure long-lasting, airtight and energy efficient envelope for all building types.

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Sandwich panels for internal walls and ceilings

Partition walls and ceilings made of Ruukki’s sandwich panels with a mineral wool or PIR core ensure thermal and noise insulation for comfortable indoor conditions.

Sandwich panels for internal walls and ceilings

Ruukki Forma® façade system

Ruukki Forma® combines our facade cladding products with Ruukki® Energy Panel system. It provides a wide range of aesthetic shape, material and color options. High airtightness of the base structure - the Ruukki® Energy panel system - can generate up to 30% savings in a building’s energy costs, and improves its energy class.


Light weight purlins for walls

Lightweight purlin systems make building construction fast and easy, allowing you to build the envelope and exterior wall with little effort.

Bilia Biltvätt

Taped pictures on walls

Ruukki Expression® is a complete facade system based on pictures and patterns taped on the outer skin of the Ruukki® Energy Panel system. Tapes can be through-colored for various patterns and logos, or they can be printed using practically any picture.

Products for roof structures

Sandwich panels for roofs

For roofs, Ruukki has both PIR and mineral wool core sandwich panels in its offering. There is a wide range of panel thicknesses available to meet different thermal requirements. Unique panel design provides high fire resistance as well as excellent reaction to fire.

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Load-bearing sheets

Load-bearing sheets are a cost-effective roof solution for achieving long spans, which eliminates secondary steelwork. They may also be designed as a stressed skin to distribute horizontal loads to the frame/foundations.

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Ruukki® Roof Sensor

Ruukki® Roof Sensor for monitoring

Ruukki® Roof Sensor monitors snow load conditions on the roof in real time, prevents dangerous situations, and reduces expenses. The solution protects users of the facilities and brings peace of mind to the building owner, designer and those in charge of safety.


Light weight purlns for roofs

Lightweight purlin systems make building construction fast and easy, allowing you to build the envelope and roof structures with little effort. 

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Safety in focus

We supply high-quality products, systems and solutions, developed sustainably. They live up to the highest demands on durability in harsh conditions. Therefore we can justify our place in society as a responsible partner, with sustainable operations and offering. 

We are of Nordic origin, part of SSAB, sharing values, and long experience in steel and construction industry.


Responsible partner

We actively promote safety and an accident-free environment, from supplier to production and all the way to the end-customer. Our commitment to safety shows in our actions: all of our products are designed for safe manufacturing, installation and end-use. Our intention is to grow with our partners and be the world leader in safety.

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Sustainable offering

We can help our customers in improving energy efficiency, utilising renewable energy, reducing embodied carbon, using property certification systems and managing chemical composition in building products. In short, we do everything we can to help our customers build more sustainable buildings.

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