Responsible partner

We actively promote safety and an accident-free environment, from supplier to production and all the way to the end-customer. Our commitment to safety shows in our actions: all of our products are designed for safe manufacturing, installation and end-use. Our intention is to grow with our partners and be the world leader in safety.


Safe materials and components

Using our materials is safe. Continuous material development, monitoring and testing aims to minimise health and safety risks. We openly communicate the correct use and material contents of our products to our customers.




Compliance with regulations

Ruukki constantly monitors the progress of national and international legislation and other requirements, such as REACH and RoHS, regarding material safety and hazardous substances, and always acts proactively. Ruukki also communicates with customers about products environmental performance with Environmental product declarations (EPDs).

Reach regulations

European Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) entered into force in the European Union on 1 June 2007. The Regulation applies to all manufacturers, importers and users of substances on their own, in mixtures and in articles. Consequently, the Regulation applies also to steel production and the manufacture of steel products, components and systems. 

Under the REACH Regulation, Ruukki’s steel products, components and systems are defined as articles, not substances. This means they are not subject to REACH registration. However, Ruukki is an importer of some preparations. We require full REACH compliance from our subcontractors. 

We are monitoring the SVHC (Substance of Very High Concern) list continuously and will notify customers of SVHC compounds in our products where required.

Should you have any questions concerning Ruukki and the REACH Regulation, please contact your local salesperson.7

Environmental product declarations

Environmental product declarations (EPDs) include information about the use of raw materials, energy consumption and emissions arising from production, as well as product recyclability. EPDs are standardized way of presenting environmental impacts of Ruukki products. EPDs are based on life cycle analysis of Ruukki production and declarations comply with international standards EN 15804 and EN ISO 14025.

View environmental product declarations for Ruukki's products:




Accident-free installation

We provide product-integrated safety solutions and accessories to improve installation safety. Prefabricated, dimensionally highly accurate elements are quicker and safer to install. Less manpower is required on-site.

The following all pose risks to health and safety on construction sites:

  • lifting heavy loads,
  • working in high places and
  • working on big construction sites.
These risk factors are taken into account at Ruukki  by both project management and research and development as they seek to minimise them. 



Lifting safety

To improve lifting safety on installation sites, Ruukki has developed a solution whereby holes for lifting lugs are made in WQ beams and elements used in steel construction. The lifting lugs are factory installed or screwed into place on site. Chains threaded through the lugs enable elements and beams to be safely lifted into place. Fixed lifting lugs or holes for lifting equipment are engineered for heavy or awkwardly-shaped items. Lifting heavy loads on busy construction site can be dangerous if not done in a safe way. To minimise these risks, we have created easy-to-use accessories, like a bundle lifter, which is utilised when lifting steel roofings.


Lifting safety

To improve the safety of persons installing and working on roofs, we have developed a safety anchor that can be fastened to load bearing corrugated steel sheets. A safety rope can be used to secure workers to this anchor, which is patented and CE-marked.


Safely together

Ruukki actively promotes safety on its construction sites. Shared construction sites present greater safety risks, especially when more contractors are involved in the different stages of a project. This is why we want to work together with all parties to improve overall on-site safety. We see this as an important part of developing safety issues in the building industry.


End-user safety

Ruukki's solutions are safe throughout their life-cycle.

Our roofs are safe to install and easy maintain from generation to generation. With a Ruukki roof, you rarely need to be up high to install it; however, when you do, our roofing solutions make it possible to get up there and work without unnecessary risks. 

Risk of fire is present in all buildings. Ruukki's steel frame solutions provide high levels of fire safety cost-efficiently. Our sandwich panel design can be used to create structures that have a high fire resistance and meet the highest fire safety requirements.