Classic C

Tough but beautiful

Ruukki Classic C is a high-class steel roof with unique look. Its profile
resembles traditional seamed roofing but at the same time it is modern and stylish. It suits a variety of architectural styles and it is an excellent choice also for low-pitched roofs.
If you are looking for timeless and long-lasting beauty, choose Ruukki Classic. It’s tough and easycare. It also has a very fine finish. You don’t need to fasten any screws on the eaves, for example.

Classic C is produced in three Ruukki Quality Classes - Ruukki 50 Plus, Ruukki 40 and Ruukki 30.

Classic C Ruukki 50 plus colour availability: RR2H3 Anthracite, RR29 Red, RR22 Grey, RR23 Dark grey, RR33 Black, RR887 Chocolate brown
Classic C Ruukki 40 and Ruukki 30 colour availability: RR2H3 Anthracite, RR29 Red, RR23 Dark grey, RR33 Black, RR887 Chocolate brown

Classic C with Microprofillation (Classic M) - Micro-profiling, this new way of covering, underlines the modern and elegant appearance of the roof and contributes to the rigidity of whole roof.

Classic C Ruukki 50+ technical warranty 50 years and aesthetical warranty 25 years.

Classic C Ruukki 40 technical warranty 40 years and aesthetical warranty 15 years.

Classic C Ruukki 30 technical warranty 30 years and aesthetical warranty 10 years.

Ruukki Classic in Hiarc Matt coating - this specific Classic type roof is made by 0,6mm steel and in RR41 Dark metallic silver colour in Ruukki 50 Plus Quality Class. RR41 colour is only available for Classic Hiarc Matt. 

There is also additional sound insulation felt available for Classic C and Classic Hiarc Matt. Classic Hiarc Matt is not available with microprofillated coating. See our pricelist for more.

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Product code
Seam Height
32 mm
Effective width
475 mm
Total width
505 mm
Maximum length
10000 mm
Minimum length
800 mm
Material thickness / weight per pcs
Other technical information
Minimum slope 6° (Suggestive value. Please check your local regulations and instructions)

Coatings and colors

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