Ruukki panels’ new fire resistance ratings meet increasing market expectations

Ruukki has improved the fire resistance ratings (EI) of its mineral wool and PIR (polyisocyanurate) core sandwich panels. The improved ratings are valid for panels used for external and internal walls. The need for improved fire resistance was driven by customer expectations and the continuous development of Ruukki panel portfolio to provide optimum solutions in compliance with stringent regulations.

“For our customers, this upgrade means more optimal and economic design work and savings, thanks to longer permissible spans and higher fire ratings for sandwich panels. In addition, we were able to expand our product portfolio with new fire-rated panels,” says Oskar Janik, product engineer at Ruukki. 

Better fire ratings for Ruukki panels mean cost savings, greater floor space efficiency in a building and faster installation. Longer spans mean that supporting elements can be placed at greater distances from each other, thereby allowing more economic structural design. In addition, installation is more effective thanks to the fact that less panels are needed to build entire walls.

Fire resistance testing of Ruukki mineral wool panels was carried out in Eurofins (VTT) fire laboratories in Finland in 2019 and 2020. Fire resistance testing of Ruukki PIR panels was done in Fires laboratory in Slovakia in 2020. The test results achieved are valid in all market areas.