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We believe in roofers, thus we want to provide You the best product portfolio of sustainable and safe products and highest level of service. In this section we have covered all the most relevant topics which makes your work easier, safer and more rewarding.

Product offering

Roofing sheets

Ruukki Hyygge with grooves

Ruukki® Hyygge

Ruukki® Hyygge is an innovative roofing product perfectly matching modern architectural trends with its simple and elegant form.

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Ruukki® Classic

Ruukki Classic C is a high class steel roof with unique look. Its profile resembles traditional seamed roofing but at the same time it is modern and stylish. It suits a variety of architectural styles and it is an excellent choice also for low pitched roofs.

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Maintenance & manuals


Maintenance & manuals

We understand the need of proper documentation during the roof installation and maintenance. In this section you can find all the important documentation.

Contact & support


Contact & support

Technical problem on the construction site? Looking for support ? Something doesn’t fit ? Contact us by filling the form.
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