Style is all that counts

We created Ruukki Adamante for those who are looking for ways to highlight a unique style of their houses. Adamante roof, available also in two exceptional colors - Wine red and Aubergine, will satisfy perfectly your need of beauty and harmony. Easy to purchase, easy to install, easy to use – like all Ruukki’s
steel roofs, Adamante has been designed to make your life easier.
Adamante is available in Ruukki 50 Plus, Ruukki 40 and Ruukki 30 Quality Classes. 

Product colour availability:
RR2H3 Anthracite, RR29 Red, RR23 Dark grey, RR32 Brown, RR33 Black, RR750 Tile red, RR887 Chocolate brown

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Product code
Profile Height
55 mm
Step length
350 mm
Effective width
1125 mm
Total width
1153 mm
Maximum length
8200 mm
Minimum length
850 mm
Material thickness / weight per m2
Other technical information
Minimum slope 9° (Suggestive value. Please check your local regulations and instructions)

Coatings and colors

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