Ruukki Construction has several major steel structure deliveries in Norway

Ruukki currently has several major project deliveries ongoing in Norway. These deliveries all consist of steel frame design, production and installation either for landmark buildings or as part of major infrastructure projects. Ruukki’s know-how is especially used in airport construction projects.

“We have many large projects ongoing in Norway. Common for all of them is that we design, produce and install the steel frames. Many customers want to minimise the number of project partners at the construction site. Ruukki is able to serve customers with total delivery, not just the steel frame,” says business director Esko Vattulainen who heads Ruukki’s project management business in the Nordics.

According to Vattulainen, existing projects also impact production in Finland and temporary layoffs have been mainly terminated at the Peräseinäjoki and Ylivieska sites, both of which serve the project business.

Some of Ruukki’s major projects ongoing in Norway

Ruukki delivered the steel structures for the Q42 multifunctional building, the largest construction project in the city centre of Kristiansand. The building will be home to apartments, congress rooms and offices spread across 8 floors, 6 above ground and 2 below. Ruukki’s delivery is valued at about € 2.5 million. Installation of the structures ended in November 2015 and the building will be inaugurated during 2016. Read more

Ruukki is supplying demanding steel structures for Oslo's new National Museum – museum for art, architecture and design. Ruukki’s scope includes steel structure design and installation. Production of the steel structures starts in May 2016. Installation of the structures starts in August 2016 and will be completed in March 2017. Read more

Ruukki has also participated in two remarkable airport construction projects

Ruukki delivered the steel frame for the new terminal 3 at Bergen Airport. The delivery included steel frame design and fire protection and is valued at about € 15 million. Ruukki’s delivery was mainly completed during 2015 and the new terminal 3 is expected to be completed by late 2017. Read more

The new extension to Oslo Airport at Gardermoen has a steel frame from Ruukki, who was also responsible for the steel frame design and structural fire protection. The new extension will open in April 2017. Ruukki’s part in the project was valued at about € 7 million and was completed in January 2015. Read more

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Ruukki steel structures for the largest construction project Q42 in the city centre of Kristiansand

A new multi-functional building in Kristiansand, Southern Norway, is nearing completion. The multipurpose building houses 68 apartments, a space for a church with a congress centre with 1,400 seats, a media centre, offices, a restaurant, a gym, a small hotel and a parking area of 1,000 square metres. The building has 23,000 square metres of floor space spread across 8 floors, 6 above ground and two below.

The construction project started in October 2014 and the building will be inaugurated during 2016.

Ruukki delivered the main steel frame, including big trusses, beams and columns. Ruukki’s contract included designing the details of the structure, together with the workshop and installation drawings. Sweco Finland carried out the design work.

Delivery and installation of the structures was challenging for two reasons. First, the design was tailored for this unique building and second, the size of the structures was huge. The largest trusses are 40 metres in length and nearly 8 metres in height, and weigh 57 tonnes.

Ruukki’s know-how benefits the end-customer. The customer saved total building time and money because Ruukki delivered and installed the trusses as complete structures.

Ruukki’s part in the construction started in October 2014 with the design of the steel structure. The large steel trusses were made at the Ylivieska plant in Finland and the columns and beams at Ruukki’s Oborniki plant in Poland. Installation of the structures started in August 2015 and ended in November 2015.

Ruukki’s delivery is valued at € 2.5 million.

The construction project is being carried out by Kvartal 42 Invest AS who is also the developer of the building.


Ruukki supplies demanding steel structures for Oslo's new National Museum


MIR AS, Kleihues + Schuwerk Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Statsbygg

The New National Museum for art, architecture and design is being built in the heart of the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The new building will be 54,000 square metres in size and will form a single museum for art, architecture and design, which are currently located in separate buildings. The building will have five storeys and one mezzanine floor in the basement. Construction work started in September 2015 and the new museum is due to open in 2020.

In addition to the steel structure, Ruukki is responsible for providing the fabrication and mounting drawings of the steel structures based on Statsbygg’s design. Ruukki is delivering steel structures for two separate blocks and is also responsible for the installation of the structures, which are being made at Ruukki’s Oborniki plant in Poland.

Ruukki’s delivery also includes load-bearing sheets and gratings. Ruukki will deliver 4,000 square metres of load-bearing sheet and 2,900 square metres of gratings. Ruukki’s role in the project started in February 2016 with the design of the steel structures, and their production will start in May, followed by installation in August 2016. Ruukki has the know-how to install very demanding hanging steel structures at the site.

The main construction project is being carried by AF Gruppen for the developer Statsbygg.


Ruukki delivered steel frame for a new terminal 3 in Bergen, Norway



Norwegian aviation authority Avinor is building a new terminal at Bergen Flesland international airport in Western Norway. With more than 6 million passengers in 2014, Bergen Flesland is the second-busiest airport in Norway. The new terminal will have 3 to 8 floors and 63,000 square metres – the size of the roof area is 22,000 square metres. The construction work started in 2014 and the new terminal 3 is expected to be completed by late 2017.

Ruukki designed, produced and delivered the 4,000-tonne steel frame for the new terminal. Ruukki’s delivery included also fire protection of the frame. Altogether the protected surface totals 30,000 square metres.

In this project, Ruukki is responding to customer expectations regarding delivery capacity and especially quality. Capacity was exemplified in the sense that the biggest roof trusses were 93-metres long and weighed 70 tonnes. Ruukki’s ability to deliver huge parts directly to the construction site results in less work at the site and accelerates the entire project.

Ruukki’s delivery for T3 started started in autumn 2014 with the steel frame design, with production following the same autumn. Installation at the site started in January 2015 and was mainly completed in 2015. Ruukki’s delivery is valued at about € 15 million. The steel frame was made at Ruukki’s plants in Peräseinäjoki, Finland and Oborniki, Poland.


Ruukki delivered steel frame for new extension to terminal at Oslo Airport in Norway

Ruukki delivered and installed the steel frame for a new extension at Oslo Airport in Norway. The construction work started in 2013 and the extension will open in April 2017. Once the extension has been completed, it is estimated Oslo Airport will have a capacity of 28 million passengers annually. In terms of passenger numbers, Oslo Airport is the second largest airport in the Nordic countries.

Ruukki’s delivery for the new North Pier includes the steel frame, as well as the design and structural steel fire protection. The terminal has a surface area of around 29,000 square metres.

According to customer Spenncon’s project development manager Terje Bjørgen, Ruukki was selected as a partner because it has long experience in total airport terminal deliveries and Ruukki also enjoys a reputation as a reliable supplier. Top-quality products and an ability to keep to schedule were also decisive factors in choosing Ruukki as a partner.

The steel frame was made at Ruukki’s plants in Ylivieska, Finland and Oborniki, Poland. The design started in the summer of 2013, followed by production in autumn the same year. The installation started in January 2014 and lasted for about one year, ending in January 2015.

Ruukki’s delivery was valued at about € 7 million.