The most intelligent roof ever seen

Finnera’s innovative design makes your steel roof not only beautiful but also extremely durable and practical. The revolutionary front-edge bending within the product maximizes weather resilience and enables an admirable seamless roof finish, even with modular sheet format. This means you get top quality in a fully standardized stock-ready package, making your whole roofing project as easy and carefree as possible. Finnera is available in Ruukki 40 Quality Class. 

Finnera Ruukki 40: 40 years technical and 15years aesthetical warranty

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    Technical information
    Product name
    Product code
    Profile Height
    52 mm
    Step length
    330 mm
    Effective width
    1140 mm
    Total width
    1190 mm
    Effective length
    660 mm
    Total length
    685 mm
    Material thickness / weight per m2
    0.50 mm / 5 kg
    Material thickness / weight per pcs
    0.5 mm / 3.8 kg
    Area of the roof / pcs
    0.75 m2
    Other technical information
    Minimum slope 14° (Suggestive value. Please check your local regulations and instructions)