Tändstickan 3 brings new life to a former industrial site in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Tändstickan 3 office block was commissioned in early 2019.  Located in Gothenburg, Tändstickan 3 is a 12-storey office building, which houses up to 12,500 square metres of office space. Together with the two office buildings completed earlier in the area between Gothenburg and Mölndal, it forms an employment hub with jobs for 2,500 people. The new building has three tenants: a consultancy company, government office and a restaurant. The complex was built in a former industrial area where matches were made until 1931, which also gives the building its name (tändstickan means match in Swedish).

Ruukki supplied Liberta 550 rainscreen panels, some of which are perforated, for the project. In addition, the company delivered a customised support and fastening system for the Liberta 550 rainscreen panels.

Håkan Nässén, a technical building manager at the Kungsleden property company, which owns the building, explains that Tändstickan 3 was built to meet the increased demand for office space in the Gothenburg region.

‘In the design of the building, the starting point was to create a building that blends in perfectly with the two existing buildings, forming a harmonious entity with them,’ explains Håkan Nässén.

In addition to good, functional space solutions, Tändstickan 3 boasts excellent environmental qualities. Because of this, it has been awarded LEED Gold environmental certification.

‘We are happy with the building and have received plenty of positive feedback on it. The office buildings have introduced new life to the industrial site,’ says Håkan Nässén.

The construction company Skanska acted as the developer and the main contractor for the project.


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