Solar energy roof faq

Ruukki solar energy roofs can produce either warm water or electricity. They’re amazingly easy to integrate into a new roof, but also retrofitting is easier than you’d think. Want to know more about options, details or installation? See the question & answer package below. We’ve divided the solar thermal roof and solar energy roof questions into separate packages so that it’s easier for you to find the answers you need. 

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, contact our professionals and they’ll tell you more about our solar energy roofs. You can either call our customer service team or fill in the form on support page.

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Solar thermal faq

The collected solar energy can be transferred directly to a water tank and is used for domestic hot water production and house heating. Read the Q&A package to learn about the technical details and possibilities of our solar thermal roofs.

Solar power faq

If you’re interested in turning the solar radiation into electricity, we recommend reading our FAQ about how it works. It provides important information e.g. about selling the generated electricity.

Solar thermal faq


  • How does a solar heating system work?

  • What is solar heating used for?

  • Is there enough solar energy to make use of it?

  • Can I use solar heating in my house?

  • What is the efficiency of the system?

  • Do solar heating systems produce electricity?

  • How is the solar heating system connected?

  • My water tank does not have a built-in heat exchange coil, how do I connect it?

  • What is the best collector orientation on the roof?

  • What else needs to be taken into account in the collector installation?

  • How much energy will I get?

  • How much will I save in a year?

  • What are the operating costs and life-cycle of the system?

  • How to prevent the water from boiling?

  • How large collector field (m²) do I need?

  • Do I need some permit to install solar collectors or panels?

  • I am acquiring a new water tank and I want to make a reservation to install solar heating later – what do I do?

Solar power faq


  • How does a solar PV system work?

  • Do I need a permit to feed solar electricity into the public network?

  • Who buys my solar electricity, if I do not use it all?

  • What is the power of a single solar panel?

  • How much energy will I get from the PV system?

  • How does the time of year and day effect electricity production?

  • How are the solar panels installed on the roof-top?

  • How large roof area does the panel field require?

  • Can a solar electricity and thermal system be installed together?


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