Single-storey frame and envelopes

Single-storey frame and envelope deliveries

Project specifically designed steel trusses are a cost and material efficient solution especially for long span buildings. Trusses offer added freedom for routings as they can be easily led through the structure. Ruukki’s single-storey frames utilize various column and portal frame solutions combined with typically hollow section trusses.

Services for single-storey frames

Frame and envelope optimization

Our most extensive service concept makes it possible for developers in single storey buildings to have direct control of investment and operating costs of the building from very early stages on. We can optimize the building envelope and frame to meet the specific goals of the project and even optimize the lifecycle energy costs covering also the HVAC system.

Design and build frame contracting

Ruukki offers excellent product development and optimal design decisions in the development and implementation phases. We can also offer excellent project management resources and expertise.

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Our wide range of trusses are suitable for a variety of uses, the main use being a roof support. The size and shape of a truss vary according to geometrical and loading requirements. Trusses are usually constructed of hollow sections, but other profiles can be utilised if needed. Trusses can be installed on any type of column.

Composite columns

Our composite column consists of a hollow steel section with a rebar cage placed inside. The column is filled with concrete on-site. The combination of steel and concrete provides superior load-bearing capability in normal and fire situations. On-site assembly is fast and the surface of the column is smooth and ready for final coating. Composite columns are designed according to EN-1994-1-1 or local regulations.

Sandwich panels

Facade claddings

Load bearing sheets

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