Bridge structures

Bridge structures

High degree of prefabrication in bridge elements generates savings in both construction time and overall costs. Steel structures in bridges are particularly beneficial in difficult ground conditions, projects requiring long spans and other demanding applications.

Services for bridge structures

Tailored component deliveries

We deliver load-bearing bridge structures with installation. We can provide steel bridge structures from manufacturing to installation. High level of prefabrication minimizes work at the construction site and shortens the total construction time. Fast and safe installation means less on-site reinforcement and form work and minimum disruption to traffic.

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Welded girders

Welded girders can be designed and optimized for different purposes. Welded girders and beams are designed and optimized per project in order to achieve the best possible solution. Welded girders are most commonly fabricated into I-girders (IG) and box girders (BG). Our automated welding lines and advanced production methods ensure fast, high-quality and reliable deliveries. We fabricate and complete each girder ready for installation as required by the client. We take care of the transport of the girders to the construction site and promise to deliver the product in the right place at the right time.