Žemo profilio lakštai T20-30-1090

Žemo profilio lakštai (dar vad. trapeciniai), dažniausiai naudojami komercinių ir pramoninių pastatų fasadų bei vidaus apdailai. Ypač lengvai ir greitai sumontuojami.

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    Žemo profilio lakštai T20-30-1090
    17 mm
    Effective Width Low Profile Sheets
    1090 mm
    Width Of Valley
    72 mm
    Width Of Crown
    30 mm
    Minimum Length Low Profile Sheets
    650 mm
    Maximum Length Low Profile Sheets
    12000 mm
    Medžiaga Medžiagos storis (mm) Svoris (kg/m2) Paviršiaus padengimas
    Plienas  0.45  4.05  Poliesteris 
    Plienas 0.5 4.50 Cinkuotas
    Plienas 0.5 4.50 Poliesteris
    Plienas  0.6  5.40   Cinkuotas
    Plienas  0.6  5.40  Poliesteris 
    Plienas 0.6 5.40 Hiarc

    Spalvos ir padengimai


    Metal coating improves the corrosion resistance of steel and extends product lifetime. Zinc-coated steel sheets are suitable for applications where corrosion resistance is required. The corrosion resistance provided by the zinc coating is in direct proportion to the thickness of the zinc layer.


    Polyester for outdoor use is an economic coating for wall profiles in warehouses and other buildings. It's recommended for construction industry. Suitable for applications where coating is not used under extreme conditions nor is there high requirement on long-term use. This coating offers a wide colour selection and budget price.


    Recommended for construction industry. Supreme colour and gloss durability. Metallic colours available. The Hiarc colour coating has been developed especially for facades. It has excellent resistance to corrosion, excellent resistance to UV radiation and it is easily kept clean

    Coating Colour
    Cinkuotas n/a 
    Poliesteris   RR11, RR20, RR21, RR22, RR23, RR29, RR32, RR33, RR750, RR946 
    Hiarc RR20, RR21, RR22, RR23, RR24, RR29, RR32, RR33, RR34, RR35, RR40, RR41, RR45



    Facade cladding system completed with flashings, fasteners and support studs provides a fully finished facade, as well easy and quick installation.

    Ruukki’s Design profile façade accessories can be used for low profile products.
    Design tools
    To make both architectural and structural design work easier with accurate product information in 3D form, Ruukki offers a selection of CAD / BIM -objects.

    Ready modelled BIM objects

    Download objects for ArchiCAD
    Download objects for Revit

    Detail drawings (.dwg)

    Detail drawings (.pdf)


    Maintenance instructions

    Maintenance instructions document contains information about:

    • Washing
    • Painting
    Certificates & approvals

    Declaration of performance