Our people

Miki involves the whole team

Engaged employees in Anderslöv

How to maintain a high level of personnel motivation
“Leading by being a role model, with openness and trust, respecting each other – that’s the way I can influence in the engagement of my personnel,” says Miki Simic, Unit manager

Miki Simic is Unit manager with responsibility for sales and production. There are 70 employees working at Ruukki’s Building Envelopes manufacturing site in Anderslöv, Sweden.

“My philosophy is based on short, intense daily meetings with my staff. Each morning starts with a brief meeting with production and transport and after that with sales. This means that both I and the other staff are always updated about the daily situation.”
“The main learning for me as a leader has been watching how my staff is developing, taking more responsibility and their own initiative in their work - this makes me very proud of my staff and gives me strength and confidence for my work.”

“I believe it also about having own responsibilities within the organization, which is the way to involve and empower my staff,” says Miki.

Kristjan's sales team

Professional sales team

How to reach and keep a systematic and customer-driven sales approach in the whole team
For strengthening customer relationships our aim is to work as partners with our customers and to be able to support our customers' performance and growth.

"This is exactly what we have been working on over the past few years with good results and we believe this is the right way to continue," says Kristjan Keert, Business Director, Roofing Baltics. 

Kristjan Keert is responsible for sales in three Baltic states. He has 40 persons of different ages, cultural backgrounds and experience in the company in his organization.

“There are a great number of challenges facing us on daily basis in our different markets. This is why we’ve built up a team that can rely on each other – we have clear understanding of why we exist and what our long- and short-term goals are. Even more important – we have a great understanding of each other – who has the best knowledge and experience in which areas.”

“I and my team get a sense of achievement from my work when our customers appreciate our activities in sales, R&D, operations, marketing, etc. And yes – this is what we measure!”, says Kristjan.

Student's experience

Student's experience

How to combine working and studying
“Combining work and studies has been rewarding as I have gained a lot of practical experience and learned what life as a Controller is like - it’s miraculous! “ says Katja Kurki, Controller Trainee

Katja Kurki started as a summer trainee in Finance and continued working while studying accounting at Aalto University School of Business, Finland. Her tasks consist of various finance-related work, for instance internal reporting. At the moment she is finalizing her thesis about the role of budgeting in inventory management at Ruukki. 

“I’ve enjoyed working at Ruukki with experienced and helpful colleagues, who are anything but boring to work with. I have also been given responsibilities and the knowledge to carry them out. “

“The best tip that I could give to students is smile, so they think you’ve got it,” says Katja

Kinga feels safe at work

How can I and my team support the health and safety culture in my daily work?
In everyday work, team support is very important. Cooperation and good relationships improve our safety. More experienced colleagues always support and help new employees. With their help, younger employees acquire experience and feel comfortable, and thus increase their awareness of risks and potentially dangerous situations.

Kinga Kubiatowicz works as machine operator at the Oborniki plant in Poland. She is responsible for line programming in accordance with the customer specification received with the order drawing. Her job is also to control measurements and check product quality. Every working day Kinga’s work shift starts with a safety moment . 

“Safety is an important part of my daily work. I feel safe working at my workstation. Thanks to this, I am mentally comfortable and aware that when I start doing my job I do not risk my health. Moreover, after work I can return safely to my family.”

“We can further improve safety work by following the health and safety regulations and compliance. Responding to potentially dangerous situations and reporting them to our manager, observing each other and giving feedback. Each of us must ensure we spread the safety culture!”

“I recently completed a first aid course organized by our company. I believe that kind of training is necessary to be able to learn how to react and manage stress when injured people require our help. I am glad that I took part in this training. I feel more confident and my team is safer working with me.” says Kinga.