Ruukki's Retail Royalty - Queens Retail Park

May 23, 2018

The Queens Retail Park in Preston is one of the city’s newest modern shopping centres. The newly-established shopping centre originally encompassed two well-known stores, Aldi and The Range, but has now expanded to introduce more stores. The 80,000 sq ft retail park has great plans to expand further and has welcomed new additions to its portfolio: Costa, Energi Trampoline Park, and Smyths Toy Store .

At Ruukki UK Ltd, we are very proud to have been involved in the construction of many of these outlets. We supplied our energy efficient panels on-site, each with a different spec to meet with each building’s particular requirements.

We initially supplied our panels for the Aldi store, which was constructed in 2016. We supplied panels for both the interior and exterior of this supermarket. The external façade features our HIARC – RR20 white (off-white) and the HIARC RR23 in dark grey, which are both flat surfaced panels. HIARC is a zinc-coated, steel-painted system with a primer and colour layers, manufactured in carefully-monitored factory conditions. This produces an attractive and protected façade with excellent energy efficient qualities. Internally, this Aldi store encompasses our Polyester RAL9010 in white with a linear L surface. After delivering the panels on site, they were installed during the construction of the building.  

We later supplied again to the same site but for two new buildings: Smyths Toy Store and Energi Trampoline Park. These neighbouring units were built using our SP2D 100W sandwich panels at a width of 1000mm, and also included the highly-protective HIARC coating. Each building had its own colour scheme for the panels, individually matching the brand colours.

Costa has been our final project at this retail site to date. For this industry-leading coffee shop, we provided our mineral wool panels and corner panels. These panels were delivered on-site and painted red to match Costa’s brand colour before installation. The exceptionally high recycled content in a mineral wool panel means this sustainable panel minimises the use of raw materials and energy, as well as reducing the carbon emissions during the construction phase.

So far, four projects have been completed at the Queens Retail Park site with the help of Ruukki and our specialist panels. With plans for further development and extension in mind, this may not be the last we see of the Queens Retail Park.

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