Welcoming Māris Vīksne

Feb 20, 2019

Following on from our news regarding the closure of our UK office, we would like to introduce our Export Sales Manager Māris Vīksne who will be taking over all existing and future UK contracts.

At the beginning of January, Ruukki UK announced a new service model in the United Kingdom. This change means that we will now serve our UK customers from our sales offices outside the UK. Our Solihull office will close later in the year.

This change will not affect our ability to serve our customers in the UK in any way, and we will continue to offer the same level of response and service as we have always done.

Māris Vīksne will now be responsible for all UK projects, schemes and enquiries.

Māris will officially start his role within the Ruukki team at the beginning of March, taking over all current projects and any future ones. If you have an enquiry about a UK-based project, please feel free to contact Māris:

Māris Vīksne

Export Sales Manager

Building Components

Address: Ruukki Latvija, SIA, Mūkusalas biznesa centrs, Dēļu iela 4, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1004

Tel: +37167 044 900

Mob: +3712 9255997

Email: Maris.Viksne@ruukki.com


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