Alconbury Weald Primary School: Ruukki’s Continued Commitment to Education

Jun 18, 2018

Ruukki Panels: The Versatile, Safe and Energy-Efficient Choice


Through many years of experience, Ruukki have become experts in the supply of cladding panels to the education sector.


Ease of construction, delivery and on-site installation mean that Ruukki panels are a clear choice for a versatile, efficient and safe installation. Powerful noise-absorption abilities and excellent fire safety properties, alongside highly-insulated airtight envelopes, place Ruukki at front-of-mind for safety and energy efficiency in the construction industry. 


With an extensive range of colours, shapes and materials, all of which are fully recyclable, the Ruukki brand continues to be chosen by leading contractors and architects, including those working on education facilities.


The Latest Portfolio Addition: Alconbury Weald Primary School


Ruukki expanded their education portfolio during the summer of 2016, completing a project at Alconbury Weald Primary School.


As a brand new school, built to support a growing local residential population, Alconbury Weald Primary had designs at the forefront of the latest in building innovation. With a site in the centre of the local area, a strong, proactive community focus, and capacity needed for 420 children, the school required a durable and aesthetically-pleasing exterior.


Working alongside the main contractor, Morgan Sindall Construction, and the installer, Asphaltic Services Ltd, Ruukki delivered the range of panels required to construct the new primary school. As part of the Ruukki Forma™ system, they supplied the Design Venice profile, coated with HIARC, RR40 Metallic Silver Matt, in addition to flat sheets for specialist flashings; sector experience enabled Ruukki to source the flashings locally, reducing lead time and transportation costs.


As these images show, the panels provide a sleek, modern and professional finish to the school’s façade. Providing cohesion between the main school building and the Early Care Centre, which forms a wrap-around care facility, Ruukki’s cladding panels and finishings give the school a polished and welcoming exterior that is at home in the local residential community.


PF2 Schools Initiative: Enduring Emphasis on Education


Alconbury Weald Primary School is an education project in addition to the PF2 Schools Initiative, for which Ruukki are proud to supply cladding panels. Back in 2016, Ruukki supplied panels to six of the eight schools forming part of the PF2 Schools Initiative, with the final two schools – Greenwood and Top Valley - due for completion by the end of the year.


To date, Ruukki’s panels have been used in the construction and development of schools UK-wide. These include the Harris Academy, who required a new facility to sit alongside the school’s existing 1920s listed building. Ruukki supplied panels in unusually short sheet lengths to meet the Academy’s specialist requirements. Further projects included Oaklands College in St. Albans, where the Ruukki Forma™ System was used. PIR Panel, overclad with Ruukki Design S10, was chosen for its strong fire performance properties and low thermal conductivity ratio. The increase in fire safety and long-term reduction in heating costs provided by the panels made Ruukki the clear choice for a safe and cost-effective education facility.


Ruukki panels combine aesthetics and functionality to deliver a façade with optimal building performance for the education sector. For further product information, please visit or email

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