Introducing Lamella Cor-Ten 20

Jul 01, 2018

Ruukki would like to introduce their latest addition to the already-impressive Cladding lamella portfolio, Lamella Cor-Ten 20.  Due to its unique chemical composition, the Cor-Ten weather-resistant structural steel sheet has significantly better ability to resist atmospheric corrosion than similar general structural steels. Weather-resistant steel is used in architectural applications without requiring any separate surface treatment.

This new product is a horizontal cladding lamella sheet, in Cor-Ten material with concealed fixing, for precise installation and to create visually impressive facade.

This new system creates a grooved, rusty surface that remains weather resistant and retains its aesthetic appearance. Cladding lamellas are narrower profiles that are folded along two long edges and divide facade surfaces one-directionally, be it installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle.

Lamella Cor-ten 20 is the latest addition to the range, which now totals 10 products, all manufactured with precision and quality. Each product comes in a wide range of sizes, materials and colours which can be seen using at Ruukki Design Palette visualizer tool.

The cladding lamellas can also be supplied perforated and with backlighting, read more about Ruukki Emotion here.



Lamella groove 20 - Short eaves, Vertical section

Lamella groove 20 - Plinth, Vertical section

Lamella groove 20 - Horizontal joint, Vertical section

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