Certificates and declarations

Our quality and environmental issues are managed according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001. It covers the whole chain from design, sales and project realisation to  manufacturing of metal based building products and welded structures. Our load bearing products are also certified according to EN 1090.  Almost all of our activities and  locations are certified.

In accordance with management systems, processes and environmental aspects of operations are identified at Ruukki, and the targets and the programmes to achieve them are drawn up. Part of the environmental management system is to identify statutory requirements relating to operations, and to ensure compliance with these and with voluntary commitments. Identifying and developing the needs of stakeholders is also an important part of managing quality and environmental issues.

To ensure continuous improvement, the systems and operations are regularly assessed using both internal and external audits. In audits, it will be established whether or not the systems meet the requirements. In addition, management will regularly establish in its reviews, whether or not the quality and environmental management systems meet the targets set.

Certificates and declarations per product

Sandwich panels

Here you'll find sandwich panel related certificates and declarations.

Facade claddings

Here you'll find facade claddings related certificates and declarations.

Load-bearing sheets

Here you'll find load-bearing sheet related certificates and declarations.

Management system certificates

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
LPCB approval for PIR UK, W and WE sandwich panelsPDF145.93 KB15 Feb, 2017 Download
Quality policyPDF38.69 KB17 May, 2016 Download
Safety anchor EC type examination certificatePDF66.12 KB20 Apr, 2017 Download
Environmental policyPDF40.98 KB17 May, 2016 Download
Safety policyPDF54.02 KB17 May, 2016 Download
LPCB approval for W and WE sandwich panelsPDF331.46 KB15 Feb, 2017 Download
LPCB approval for PIR UK sandwich panelsPDF186.62 KB15 Feb, 2017 Download
ISO-3834-2-certificate-quality-mgmt-system-Ruukki-ConstructionPDF93.66 KB17 May, 2016 Download
ISO-3834-2-certificate-quality-mgmt-system-Ruukki-Construction annexPDF148.93 KB08 Sep, 2016 Download
Certificate_of_factory_production_control_EN-1090_Ruukki_Construction_Ylivieska_FinlandPDF26.14 KB17 May, 2016 Download
Certificate_of_factory_production_control_EN-1090_Ruukki_Construction_Oborniki_PolandPDF26.15 KB17 May, 2016 Download
Certificate_of_factory_production_control_EN-1090_Ruukki_Construction_Peraseinajoki_FinlandPDF26.28 KB17 May, 2016 Download
Certificate_of_factory_production_control_EN-1090_Ruukki_Construction_Gargzdai_LithuaniaPDF86.19 KB17 May, 2016 Download
ISO-14001-certificate-Ruukki-Construction-certified_locationsPDF37.31 KB17 May, 2016 Download
ISO-9001-certificate-Quality-management-system-Ruukki-ConstructionPDF99.72 KB17 May, 2016 Download
ISO-3834-2 IQnet certificatePDF185.95 KB08 Sep, 2016 Download
ISO-9001-certificate-Ruukki-Construction_certified_locationsPDF37.31 KB17 May, 2016 Download
ISO-14001-certificate-Environmental-management-system-Ruukki-ConstructionPDF98.28 KB17 May, 2016 Download
Certificate of factory production control EN-1090 Ruukki Construction Anderslöv SwedenPDF47.17 KB17 May, 2016 Download