Frame and envelope optimisation

Frame and envelope optimisation

Our most extensive service concept makes it possible for developers of single-storey buildings to have direct control over investment and operating costs of the building from the early stages. We can optimise the building envelope and frame to meet the specific goals of the project, and even optimise the life cycle energy costs, including the HVAC system.

Services in the solution


Project development support

Working together with developers, designers and main contractors from the early phases of the project allows us to add more customer value.

Using our customers' needs and expectations as a base, our expertise in design, production and installation provides reliable information for planning, cost estimating and scheduling. As a project team member involved in the early phases, we can offer a unique perspective on the construction and property performance later on in process. 

Materials and solutions are fitted within a fast, efficient, industrial construction process, and also help you to secure high sustainability ratings.

Design support

Including design of the components into the project delivery makes the much-specialised knowledge of our designers available to the project team, and ensures that the designs are optimal for both production and site operations.

Our designers have wide experience in commercial, logistics and industrial building design. The newest design software, drawings and technical documentation help to reduce construction time and costs benefiting all stakeholders.

Frame and envelope component production

Our building components are industrially produced to fit unique circumstances and technical requirements on site. They fit their location on the construction site, minimising waste and making site operations efficient even though the solution might be complex. This, in turn, reduces workload for all members of the project team.

The professionals at our factories are qualified in their fields, whether that be welding, assembling, surface treatment or coating. We have a strict quality control system, which ensures the safety, quality and efficiency of our production.

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Frame and envelope installation

Installation services cover Ruukki's frames and optionally Ruukki's envelopes in the same projects. Our experienced and trained site managers and installation crews work hand in hand with project management teams. Work is done on time, in a safe and professional way. We have extensive experience of working in the Nordic region and in Eastern Europe.

Particular attention is paid to controlling the assembly process. All installation work is carried out with strict safety methods. Project managers, site managers and supervisors ensure the highest level of quality.

With the latest software, specialised manufacturing equipment and skilled installation crews, the processes - from design to fabrication and installation - are integrated. This speeds up the construction process and reduces its costs. 

Products in the solution


Single-storey frame and envelope deliveries

Project-specific steel trusses are a cost and material efficient solution, particularly for long span buildings. Trusses offer added freedom for routings as they can be easily led through the structure. Our single-storey frames use various column and portal frame solutions, combined with typically hollow section trusses.

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Elektroskandia built a new logistics centre for its electronic components and domestic appliances business in Örebro, Sweden. The new building was inaugurated in 2017 and comprises a total of 50,000 square metres of floor space, or about the same size as more than 6 football fields.

Bory Mall Shopping Centre

The exterior walls of Bory Mall were built using Ruukki Forma™, a facade system that combines air-tight wall structures and cladding. Air-tightness reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling.

MegaHub Logistics Centre

Ruukki’s delivery for the first and second phase of the project comprised a quick-to-build, modifiable steel frame, sandwich panel elements for the facades, and load-bearing profiled sheets.

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