Design, production and installation

Design, production and installation

Our special competence in design, production and installation enables us to help our customers to find the optimal solutions and secure successful projects.


Our designers have wide experience in commercial, logistics and industrial building design. The newest design software, drawings and technical documentation help to reduce construction time and costs.

Including design of the components into the project delivery makes the much-specialised knowledge of our designers available to the project team, and ensures that the designs are optimal for both production and site operations. 


We use BIM when managing our construction projects. It is used in all phases, from project development design and production to installation. BIM provides our customers with high quality, cost efficiency and a good end result. It offers an accurate and fast 3D modelling environment, which is based on data that simulates the construction virtually. The plans can be shared with contractors and engineers. SCIA Engineer software is used for accurate and optimal design of structures in 3D space.

We transferred our design data to our automatic saw and drilling line in 1996. In 2001 we integrated our 3D modelling with our ERP system SAP. We are continuously developing our BIM usage through the project lifecycle.

Key benefits of BIM to our customers:
  • Improved safety by planning the simulation the execution in the mode
  • Visualisation of design ideas and changes to find the optimal solutions
  • Careful planning in advance to reduce interference and to ensure smooth progress at the construction site
  • Transparent project follow-up and better communication
  • Up-to-date project status
  • Project completed on time and on budget.
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Our building components are industrially produced to fit unique circumstances and technical requirements on site. They fit their location on the construction site, minimising waste and making site operations efficient even though the solution might be complex. This, in turn, reduces workload for all members of the project team. 

The professionals at our factories are qualified in their fields, whether that be welding, assembling, surface treatment or coating. We have a strict quality control system, which ensures the safety, quality and efficiency of our production.

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Our experienced and trained site managers and installation crews work hand in hand with project management teams. Work is done on time, in a safe and professional way. We have extensive experience of working in the Nordic region and in Eastern Europe.

Particular attention is paid to controlling the assembly process. All installation work is carried out with strict safety methods. Project managers, site managers and supervisors ensure the highest level of quality.

With the latest software, specialised manufacturing equipment and skilled installation crews, the processes - from design to fabrication and installation - are integrated. This speeds up the construction process and reduces its costs. 

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