Ruukki steel trusses

Ruukki steel frame products consist of a wide range of both standardized and customized steel products. Utilizing welded profiles as well as rolled profiles for our beams, columns and trusses we can always offer an optimal product to a steel frame or to a composite frame solution.

Project-specific designed steel trusses are a cost and material efficient solution, especially for long span buildings. Trusses offer added freedom for routings as they can be easily led through the structure. Our single-storey frames use various column and portal frame solutions, combined with typically hollow section trusses.


Our wide range of trusses are suitable for a variety of uses, the main use being a roof support. The size and shape of a truss vary according to geometrical and loading requirements. Trusses are usually constructed of hollow sections, but other profiles can be utilised if needed. Trusses can be installed on any type of column.

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