WQ center beam

The symmetric WQ centre beam is part of Ruukki’s multi-storey building system.
It is a symmetric box-profile that supports floor slabs on both sides of the beam.

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    Beam code H (mm) B (mm) c1 (mm) b (mm)
    WQ27-190 265 190 130 460
    WQ27-240 265 240 130 510
    WQ27-290 265 290 130 560
    WQ27-340 265 340 130 610
    WQ32-190 320 190 130 460
    WQ32-240 320 240 130 510
    WQ32-290 320 290 130 560
    WQ32-340 320 340 130 610
    WQ40-190 400 190 170 550
    WQ40-240 400 240 170 600
    WQ40-290 400 290 170 650
    WQ40-340 400 340 170 700
    WQ50-240 500 240 170 600
    WQ50-290 500 290 170 650
    WQ50-340 500 340 170 700

    Design tools

    WQ beams can be designed as simple single-span, cantilever and continuous beams.

    Design standard is Eurocode but country’s local standards can also be applied.

    Design curves

    The design curves are intended for pre-design only. They have been drawn in accordance with the standards EN-1993-1-1, EN1993-1-2, EN1993-1-5 and EN1993-1-12. Pre-elevation of the beams has been used to limit permanent load deflection. Ruukki makes the final design taking into account the requirements of each individual project. 

    View examples of design curve use in WQ beam system brochure.






    Pre-design capacity of the WQ beam console joint

     Console type h x b x t 200x120x10   180x180x10 250x150x10  250x150x12.5   260x180x12.5
     Vd [kN]  670  1050  870  980  1010

    Order & delivery

    Order information

    Use the pre-design curves in the Design tools tab to select the main dimensions of the profile and send a layout with the beam codes, load data and any additional information available to your local Ruukki sales office.

    Please provide the following information for an offer request:

    • 2D drawings and load data
    • Other structural drawings and architectural drawings (if available)
    • Project specification or information that has an essential effect on design
    • Data on pre-selected beams either as a 2D drawing or a list
    • Preliminary details (if available)

    Delivery conditions

    Ruukki designs and delivers beam systems based on customer's specifications for the project.