Multi-storey frames

Multi-storey frames

Using pre-fabricated frame components offers significant benefits for construction site speed and management. In typical multi-storey buildings, we use composite columns and welded WQ and UWQ beams. The system enables efficient space usage and flexible functional arrangements for the property, through long life spans and flat intermediate floors.

Services for multi-storey frames

Design and build frame constructing

We offer excellent product development, and make optimal design decisions, in the development and implementation phases. We can also offer excellent project management resources and expertise.

Frame solutions based on a customer's design

Our extensive steel frame component production capacity and installation expertise can be made available to project organisations with extensive structural design capacity by commissioning the structures based on customers’ designs.

Related products

WQ beams

The WQ beam is intended to speed up the construction of multi-storey buildings. The WQ beam system can be used in any multi-storey buildings, such as offices, hospitals, hotels, and in residential construction.

CWQ beams

Similar to WQ beam, the CWQ composite beam is intended to speed up the construction of multi-storey buildings. The CWQ beam consists of a traditional WQ box beam, and dowels. They form the composite beam structure together with hollow-core slabs and screed. The CWQ composite beam system can be used in any multi-storey buildings, such as offices, hospitals, hotels and in residential construction.

Composite columns

Our composite column consists of a hollow steel section with a rebar cage placed inside. The column is filled with concrete on-site. The combination of steel and concrete provides superior load-bearing capabilities in normal and fire situations. On-site assembly is fast, and the surface of the column is smooth and ready for final coating.

Composite columns are designed according to EN-1994-1-1 or local regulations.

Welded girders

Welded girders can be designed and optimised for different purposes. Welded girders and beams are designed and optimised per project in order to achieve the best possible solution. Welded girders are most commonly fabricated into I-girders (IG) and box girders (BG). Our automated welding lines and advanced production methods ensure fast, high quality and reliable deliveries. We fabricate and complete each girder ready for installation as required by the client. We take care of the transport of the girders to the construction site and promise to deliver the product in the right place at the right time.


Bory Mall extension

The Bory Mall shopping centre was completed in 2014 and was extended in 2016. Bory Mall is located in the northwest of the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. The same coloured Ruukki Forma™ façade solution has been used in the walls of the original shopping centre and in the extension. The Ruukki Forma...

Mall of Scandinavia

Mall of Scandinavia is the largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries. It was completed in Solna, north of Stockholm, in November 2015.

Waterfront Convention Center

Ruukki was trusted to supply steel structures for one of the most unique real estate projects in Northern Europe.

Statoil's Oslo office

The new regional office of the Norwegian company Statoil will be a nine-storey architecturally unique building, which also makes structural design a challenge.

Chodov Shopping Centre

Ruukki delivered the steel frame for the cinema and the steel structures for the five skylight roofs, which will let daylight into the building. Ruukki also delivered the load-bearing sheets for the roof, and is designing the structures based on architectural drawings, using Ruukki’s own design.

Bory Mall Shopping Centre

The exterior walls of Bory Mall were built using Ruukki Forma™, a facade system that combines air-tight wall structures and cladding. Air-tightness reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling.

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