Bridge structures

Bridge structures

Leading expertise in the construction of steel bridges, from fabrication to installation

Our decades-long experience in the supply of load-bearing steel structures and expertise in the entire operational chain bring numerous added benefits to our customers. The main benefit is cost-efficiency, created through solutions developed together, our material, engineering and installation expertise and seamless collaboration with the customer and designers that begins already at the planning stage.

The high degree of prefabrication reduces on-site installation time and disturbances to traffic, decreases construction-related risks and shortens the project payback time.

The use of steel enables diverse and elegant architectural solutions.

Services related to the solution


Our automated production processes, appropriate, functional facilities and 100-tonne lifting capacity ensure efficient fabrication of large bridge elements. Finished structures are surface treated at the factory in line with the standards ISO 12944 and EN 1090-2. 

Our surface treatment uses steel grit blasting, wet painting and zinc spray galvanizing.

Coating systems approved by the relevant authorities are used for the surface treatment of bridges.

The top coat is added either at the plant or on site.

We work together with the customer to develop and design the best installation solutions for each project. 

The most common bridge installation methods are launching and crane installation.

Our experienced project managers work together with the worksite team to execute a safe and controlled installation.

Products related to the solution

I-girder bridge

Often the most cost-efficient structural solution is to use I- beam girder as main bearing structure, particularly if the span is less than 100m.

For longer spans, beams of varying height can be used. I- beam girders are fabricated on automated welding lines.

Ruukki Easy Bridge® is also available as an I beam girder solution.

Box girder bridge

Box girders may be rectangular or trapezoidal in cross section, and typically a concrete deck slab is built over them. Steel decks may also be used.

The stiffeners are placed inside the box, giving the design a clean-lined appearance.

The structure also offers greater torsional stiffness and bending strength.

Gable-stayed bridge

Large, long-span bridges are typically built as cable-stayed bridges, in which the bridge deck is supported by cables and pylons. This solution enables a long span and light appearance. Typically a cable-stayed bridge has a composite beam structure based on I girders and the long spans in the centre are supported with cables. Ruukki’s cable-stayed bridges in Finland include the Raippaluoto, Tähtiniemi and Crusell bridges as examples.


Rotebro Bridge

Two new bridges have been introduced for use in Rotebro on the E4 motorway between Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

Lövö bridge in Dragsfjärd

Largest bridge sections ever made for Finnish bridge, each section is 100 meters long and weigh 200 tonnes.

Mälkiä canal bridge in Lappeenranta

315 m long bridge crosses the Saimaa canal, project has been finished in 2010

Munksjo Bridge

The solution means a higher degree of prefabrication, quicker construction and lower on-site costs. Ruukki delivers high-quality with well functioning logistics.

Ypsilon Bridge

Ruukki's prefabricated elements made the tight timetable and challenging installation of the bridge over the river possible. The close cooperation between construction engineers and the construction site helped to accomplish the special design and complexity of the structures.

Partihallsförbindelse bridge

This 1,2 km long link bridge in Göteborg, Sweden, was built in 2010-2011. Ruukki's delivery included fabrication and installation of bridge structures (3 000 ton).

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