Ruukki delivered the steel frame and components for a construction project for dairy cooperative Skånemejerier’s high-rise warehouse. Skånemejerier is a Swedish cooperative and Sweden's third largest producer of dairy products . A new high-rise warehouse building in the southern Swedish city of Malmö was completed in 2017.


• Investor: Skånemejerier  AB
• General contractor: Skanska Sverige AB
• Designer: SS – Teracon Oy
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In addition to the steel frame, Ruukki delivered the load-bearing sheets for the roof and sandwich panels for the walls. Ruukki was also responsible for the design, production and installation of the steel frame and other components supplied.  Also hollow core slabs and concrete footing around the building  were included in Ruukki’s delivery.

Ruukki has experience of constructing high-rise storage facilities and it was able to take responsibility for a major part of this construction project, , thereby reducing the number of actors involved. Ruukki was also able to supply the steel frame and components, together with services, such as installation.

The construction company Skanska was the general contractor of the project for the building.