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RT-Konevuokraus occupies a prominent position along Kehä I ringroad in the Helsinki district of Oulunkylä. The building was completed in 2016. The firm’s owner, Karri Ylönen, has many roles. He has invested in the property, is the firm’s managing director and also, when needed, acts as the caretaker. On top of this, he has been the property developer.

RT-Konevuokraus hires out construction machinery and equipment ranging from hammers to people hoists. Customers include both private individuals and building firms.

Karri Ylönen has invested in both the building’s appearance and interior. The pale-coloured walls and huge windows create a spacious, well-lit environment inside the building. The pale colour palette inside the building and the dark grey of the façade originate from one and the same product – sandwich panels. A steel façade adds to the elegance of the entrance to the building, which also serves as a customer service point. This makes appearances all the more important.

“I want to build properties that look elegant, neat and light. This is also my workplace and I want others to feel that it’s nice to come here,” says Karri Ylönen.

Driven by sensible use of energy

Construction was driven by sensible use of energy, with additional roof insulation and underfloor heating from a combination of ground-source heat and water circulation heating. Underfloor heating makes the premises pleasant and adds to workplace wellbeing. The building was made better than the building regulations require.

“A building must be energy efficient and not allow heat to escape. When mineral wool is the insulation material in steel panels, they also serve as a good sound insulator. We also required window elements without mouldings to ensure an airtight structure with the panels,” says Karri Ylönen.

Energy efficiency and sound insulation were two of the reasons we chose Ruukki panels and windows. Windows forming part of the panel system enable industrial premises to also have the large windows typically associated with office buildings.

“Ruukki quality is also in a class of its own with regard to surface, which does not fade in UV light as rival products tend to. I want the premises to look as good as new in 10 years’ time. Experience has shown that Ruukki products will deliver on this, too,” enthuses Karri Ylönen.