Power Plant in Aktau


  • Customer: KazAzot
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Ruukki has completed a pilot project together with Wärtsilä. Under the agreement, Ruukki Russia supplied in-house manufactured materials for the construction of a gas piston power plant in Aktau. The order was placed by LLP KazAzot, the sole manufacturer of ammonia and ammonium nitrate in Kazakhstan.

Ruukki’s delivery for the industrial building included the steel frame, sandwich panels in thicknesses of 100 and 150 millimeters for the walls and profile sheets – all manufactured and delivered according to customer specifications and drawings.

For the customer, KazAzot, the construction of a stand-alone power plant is the best solution to its energy supply needs: its own electricity and heat generation will allow the manufacturer to be independent of interruptions in the grid power supply, as well as fluctuations in electricity tariffs.