Office building – Paupys, Vilnius, Lithuania

A new district, Paupys, has been constructed next to the old town of Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. As cladding for the area’s largest building, which houses offices and commercial premises, the architects selected Cor-Ten steel sheets from Ruukki, and rectangular tubes made of the same material. The other façade material is concrete.


  • Architectural design: Audrius Ambrasas Architects
  • Year: 2020


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‘Cor-Ten and concrete are both natural materials, and they go well together. Cor-Ten was selected as one of the cladding materials, because we wanted to give the building an industrial atmosphere in honour of the area’s history,’ explains architect Audrius Ambrasas. 

In addition to the façades, Cor-Ten was used in the building’s canopies, door and window flashings, chimneys and access route kerb structures.