Office building - Kaunas, Lithuania

Along Kaunakiemio street in Kaunas, Lithuania, an office building is in harmonious dialogue with the old and new buildings in the historical city block. The building includes offices, commercial premises and 65 apartments. Identity of the building’s southern end was strengthened with Cor-Ten cladding delivered by Ruukki.


  • Architectural design: Kancas studio


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“We were trying to achieve a dialogue between the old and new architecture: the new exterior face had to match the old brick exterior faces in the city block. Cor-Ten has just the right texture, structure and colour to achieve this,” explains architect Kestutis Kajokas.

Cor-Ten is weather-resistant and maintenance-free natural material, and its dark colour is well suited for areas close to busy streets: dirt will not show so well on the exterior face.

“The design cooperation was very smooth and excellently coordinated on Ruukki’s side: decisions were made quickly and correct deliveries came on time,” Kestutis Kajokas praises the successful project.