Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill

Metsä Group’s new generation bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland is the first of its kind in the world. Costing in excess of €1.2bn, the bioproduct plant is the largest investment ever in the history of Finland’s forest industry. The construction project was a major project also for Ruukki, which among other things supplied the steel frame and sandwich panels for the walls of the recovery boiler plant and the sandwich panels for the walls of the bioproduct mill. Ruukki supplied almost 50,000 square metres of sandwich panels for the entire Äänekoski construction project.


  • Uki Arkkitehdit Oy 
  • Wärtsilä Finland Oy
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Because this is a major construction project, Metsä Group highlighted the reliability, delivery capability and punctuality of partners, and their ability to keep to schedules. Since there were a number of construction projects under way at the same time at the bioproduct mill site, actual construction required logistics skills. Deliveries had to be planned to precision to ensure smooth site logistics and to keep the schedule on track.

Ruukki supplied and installed the steel frame, the sandwich panels used in the walls and the load-bearing sheets for the roof of the recovery boiler plant. Ruukki prefabricated the components for the steel frame as much as possible at its own plant. This reduced the work to be done at the site, speeded up construction and improved safety.

Ruukki supplied the sandwich panels, including design, for the bioproduct mill. Design included wind and fire load design and the design of panel installation. Ruukki also supplied the load-bearing roofing and façade claddings for the mill building. 

The steel frame was made at Ruukki’s plants in Peräseinäjoki and Ylivieska in Finland and in Oborniki in Poland. The sandwich panels and load-bearing roofing sheets were made in Finland in Alajärvi and Vimpeli respectively, and the rainscreen panels were made in Estonia at Ruukki’s plant in Pärnu.