Market square stage – Joensuu, Finland

Work on revamping the market square took 18 months and was completed in autumn 2018. The project was an extensive one and also included building an impressive stage platform.


  • Architectural design: Arkkitehtitoimistosta Karttunen


The northern end of the stage acts as an entrance to the parking facility and is also where the parking facility’s ventilation duct can be found. This part of the stage has been clad with Cor-Ten rainscreen panels supplied by Ruukki.

“We sought inspiration for the stage by studying what had already been done elsewhere before setting out to create a unique solution that is both sustainable and blends in with the environment. We had been waiting for a site where we would have a chance to use authentic materials such as stone, copper and Cor-Ten,” says project architect Lasse Nevalainen.

“The panels in the wall have been perforated so as to depict human figures in much the same way as many people visiting the market. The perforated surface is in a way a contemporary version of traditional Karelian embroidery and a reference to the sixth sense of Karelian women, a sense of beauty. Images of People is the embroidery pattern used in the market square stage,” says graphic designer Arto Liimatta, who was responsible for the artistic side of the Cor-Ten panels.