Habsburg winery in Slovakia

Former bankers have fulfilled their dream. A different approach and view of business in the wine industry was considered a key and decisive for future success from the very beginning. And so was with the new façade.


  • Owner/investor: Juraj Smaženka, Josef Ronge
  • Construction and installation company: SWP - MP, s.r.o. 


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Habsburg winery refers to the golden age of Habsburgs in the Záhorie area. It builds on the traditions and values that the monarchy represented at its peak. The desire for the highest quality, the pursuit of innovation and constant progress - all this represents the influence of the Enlightenment, which significantly shaped our social and cultural life. Cor-Ten® material from Ruukki was chosen for its excellent properties, durability and maintenance-free. In addition, it fits very well into the surroundings.