Ruukki® Roof Sensor

Ruukki® roof sensor positioning

It is important that the sensors set values and locations specified by the Poimu designer are passed to the system installer. It is recommended that this information be uniquely marked on the roof chart, which is delivered to the system installer.

In addition, in particular, in the case of more than two sensors, it is good to fill in the table below, which summarizes the building's sensor data as indicated by the building module system.

Download Sensor Positioning Table:

Ruukki roof sensor (1)

Ruukki roof sensor monitoring

Ruukki® Roof Sensor monitors snow load conditions on the roof in real time, prevents dangerous situations, and reduces expenses. The solution protects users of the facilities and brings peace of mind to the building owner, designer and those in charge of safety. 

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Poimu software for dimensioning load-bearing sheets

Dimensioning software, Poimu, allows you to optimise product choice according to the Eurocode. Simply by defining some basic input data you can select a load-bearing sheet for their needs from Ruukki's selection. This quick optimisation tool covers 1-, 2-span and continuous structures and gives the exact solution as to what sheet should be used, as well as its length. 

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Load-bearing sheets

Load-bearing sheets are a cost-effective roof solution for achieving long spans, which eliminates secondary steelwork. They may also be designed as a stressed skin to distribute horizontal loads to the frame/foundations.

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