Welcome winter.  There is now intelligence under the snow!

You know the roof will hold

At Ruukki, we took a big step forward in our Ruukki® Sensor Network development project. We’ve solved the snow load problem for industrial, commercial and public buildings!

Our new innovation Ruukki® Roof Sensor monitors snow load conditions on the roof in real time, prevents dangerous situations, and reduces expenses. The solution protects users of the facilities and brings peace of mind to the building owner, designer and those in charge of safety. 

Ruukki® Roof Sensor not only suits new buildings but all existent real estate properties that have Ruukki’s load-bearing roofing sheets.

Ruukki® roof sensor animation


Ruukki® Roof Sensor animation

Why Ruukki® Roof Sensor?


Safety for large roof surfaces

The benefits of the Ruukki® Roof Sensor system are particularly emphasised on large roof surfaces, where snow drifts unevenly. Similarly, the structure and moisture of snow can vary, which significantly affects the weight of the snow found on the roof. The Ruukki® Roof Sensor continuously measures snow loading at critical points and tells the persons in charge when a snow should be removed. As a result of this solution, uncertain manual measurement of snow thickness is no longer necessary.

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Savings from no unnecessary snow removals

Snow removals cause extra expense. Unnecessary snow removal is common, because it’s difficult to predict the weight of the snow. The Ruukki® Roof Sensor saves on maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary snow removal. The system measures changes in the snow load, providing a warning and triggering an alarm to let you know the last point in time the snow must be removed for safety reasons.


Peace of mind and ease of monitoring

The Ruukki® Roof Sensor increases not only safety but also the peace of mind of architects, structural designers, real estate owners and property maintenance personnel. When safety is diligently planned, and monitoring is well-organised, the entire life cycle of the building is positively affected, and concerns over questions of liability are eliminated. It’s also good to know that the roof of a real estate property, industrial hall or shopping centre will not collapse due to too heavy snow load.


Added value to real estate investments

Real estate safety is an image element for many operators. When the Ruukki® Roof Sensor supervises the snow loading on the roof, personnel and clients can relax, secure in the knowledge that they don’t need to keep checking the roof, wondering whether or not it’s safe. It is. Moreover, a system that ensures safety under sale or rental conditions increases the value of the site.


Smart utilisation increasing

A smart roof is the first concrete result of the Ruukki® Sensor Network development system. In the future, there will be more and more digital solutions, and monitoring will offer more information than ever before regarding, for instance, the status of building parts, general condition and previous loading situations. In addition, extra sensors can be added to the system to monitor, for instance, the moisture history of building envelope structures.

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Poimu software for dimensioning load-bearing sheets

Dimensioning software, Poimu, allows you to optimise product choice according to the Eurocode. Simply by defining some basic input data you can select a load-bearing sheet for their needs from Ruukki's selection. This quick optimisation tool covers 1-, 2-span and continuous structures and gives the exact solution as to what sheet should be used, as well as its length. 

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Load-bearing sheets

Load-bearing sheets are a cost-effective roof solution for achieving long spans, which eliminates secondary steelwork. They may also be designed as a stressed skin to distribute horizontal loads to the frame/foundations.

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