There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home where we spend most of our lives. Well-designed roof represents not just the aesthetic values of a home but its safety and comfort.A complete roofing system created for Ruukki® Hyygge is a warrant of those significant principals.

The complete roof should contain several elements of roof communication, snow protection systems, ventilation systems and specially designed set of flashings that go well with the shape and function of the roof. Only combining all those elements guarantees the perfect look, correct performance and long years of impeccable functioning of Ruukki® Hyygge roofs.


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Ruukki® Hyygge roof

Ruukki® Hyygge is an innovative roofing product perfectly matching modern architectural trends with its simple and elegant form.

Other roofing accessories

Ruukki's accessories are designed to provide high aesthetics but first of all to ensure safety and durability of your roof.